Tuesday, July 3, 2012

OpenMRS GSoC Project Introduction - my first online presentation

Just after the coding period began in GSoC, we in OpenMRS had our introduction presentations where each of the GSoC participant had to give a brief 10 minute introduction regarding our projects at the weekly OpenMRS Developers Forum. Since this was my first time, doing such kind of online presentation for an audience i was bit uncomfortable regarding this as well as excited too. However my mentor Mark was very helpful and he helped me to correct the content i am going to present, the things i am going to say etc.

There are few ways to connect to the Developers forum as Skype, Adobe Connect etc. and i was using Adobe Connect. Therefore it was not very hard to configure the settings where i did prechecking of my microphone,speakers etc. before the meeting and also before the meeting starts, some of us did test our microphones with voice. My slot was the last presentation of the schedule so by that time my fears were all gone and i was well relaxed. :D That is one remarkable experience in my GSoC memories and presenting my project into a new audience was really a great experience, as well as the support and help we got from the fellow OpenMRS community members!

I have also attached the slide i used to do the presentation, as there was specific information which needed to be mentioned there. Perhaps a future OpenMRS GSoC student may find it useful :)

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