Monday, October 29, 2012

A week in Philliphines with OpenMRS Implementers Meeting- part 2

Day 3 and 4 .........

Apart from the normal sessions there was the group photo taking on Wednesday evening. All the crowd gathered for the event and we were chatting with each other till the place is set for the group photo. 

Group Photo

There was also a photo booth where we could simply go and take photos as we want, and the photos were given to us printed in the next day. Everybody was eager to take some funny pictures with their friends etc. so it was very funny to watch :D 

The Thursday was entirely dedicated to site visits. By the time we arrived near the YBS Hall there were two buses waiting there for us, getting ready to take us to the town. The breakfast was arranged in packets so i grabbed one of them and got into bus to find a good seat to have a nice town view :)

The buses waiting to take us to the site visits

All of us were divided into 7 groups and taken into 7 different healthcare centers. I was a part of the team who visited “Toro Hills Sentrong Sigla” health center in Quezon City. The clinics had been started by the time we went there and, it was the child vaccination day in the center. 

The doctor explained us how they use an OpenMRS based recording system to keep track of the patient data. It was a nice experience to get a live demo on the application.

Apart from learning through sessions and meeting the fellow community,   OMRS12 was a fun filled event too. We were greeted with a great Philippine music session at the restaurant after the site visits as well as there was a wonderful entertainment session at night right after the dinner. Therefore the days were not only for work but they were giving us the opportunity to experience the Philippines culture too.

Now recalling those precious memories from the Implementers Meeting, it feels like that was the best experience I have got in working with any of the projects in my life so far. When I first started GSoC I never thought that I will be able to go this much further with OpenMRS. But as now I have been able to learn whole lot of new things and what are the newly emerging works in OpenMRS and, more importantly I was able to meet a great bunch of people who are so friendly and supportive towards each other, called OpenMRS community. I felt really proud to be a part of them and looking forward to continue my journey with them. So this is most probably not an end but just a beginning :)

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