Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Providing Queue browing, message sending and purging features in WSO2 MB 2.1.0

WSO2 MB is a Message Broker which enables applications to exchange communications asynchronously or publish messages for timely access by many subscribers. For the past versions of WSO2 MB there was no support for sending sample messages from the admin console or viewing the messages in a queue. hence in WSO2 MB 2.1.0 onwards, we have added this functionality into the broker.

Therefore it is now possible to,
  1.  Send sample text messages to a queue in WSO2 MB
  2.  Browse the content in a queue using MB admin console
  3.  Purge a queue via admin console and make it empty in WSO2 MB as of the expectation of many users.

The following are some of the snapshots from the new view of the MB admin console.  The 2.1.0 version is not yet released for public but will be releasing by end of this month.

1. New view of the 'Queue Menu'

2. New Queue Browser in WSO2 MB

3. New Message Sending UI in MB

4. New Queue purging option in MB

More details on the new features can be found in MB 2.1.0 documentation once it is released.

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